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Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi - from the “Divani Shamsi Tabriz”

John Cage - from the “Lecture on Commitment”

A site devoted to the art and writings of David C.K. McClelland (1947-1976)

Selctions of calligraphic manuscripts made for Philip Hofer, now in the Houghton Library
Harvard Lampoon
Grump Magazine
The Real World
National Lampoon
Harper's Magazine
The New Yorker
Miscellaneous Works

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Brief biography of David C.K. McClelland


Hofer Manuscripts - Texts by Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi (three manuscripts)
Hofer Manuscripts - Poem by Kao Shih
Hofer Manuscripts - “Worship the bird the flies without wings” - Original McClelland
Hofer Manuscripts - “If lines existed, there could be something above & something below” - Original McClelland
Hofer Manuscripts - from John Cage’s Lecture on Commitment (eleven manuscripts)
Hofer Manuscripts - from the Epic of Gilgamesh (four manuscripts)
Hofer Manuscripts - from John Berryman’s Eleven Addresses to the Lord (fifteen manuscripts)
Hofer Manuscripts - Four quatrains from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (six manuscripts)
Hofer Manuscripts - from Aphorisms by John Cage (eleven manuscripts)
Harvard Lampoon - Bayeux Travesty
Harvard Lampoon - Boggie and California Cheeseburger
Harvard Lampoon - Boggie at Colonus
Harvard Lampoon - Information Media Revolution
Harvard Lampoon - Inside Straight Nate
Harvard Lampoon - The Great Game of Absolution and Redemption
Harvard Lampoon - The Great Goodison Toad Hunt
Harvard Lampoon - Zippy and The Substitute Foreman
Harvard Lampoon - Covers and Misc. Drawings
Grump Magazine - Food
Grump Magazine - The New Adventures of Martin Heidegger
The Real World - Chokehead
The Real World - Dark Was The Night
National Lampoon - Ecolo-Bummer
National Lampoon - Subterranean Scumbo
Harper's Magazine - The Curse of Commercial Cursive and Other Calligraphic Curiosities (Article)
The New Yorker - Talk of the Town pieces
Jubilate Agno excerpt - Christopher Smart
from “Blues”
Strange, Is It Not - from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
Love is all there is - Bob Dylan
Caedmon's Hymn - Christmas card
Gertrude Stein calligraphy
David Smith Quotation
Mr. Rabbit
Poem by Honor Moore
Very Fine Is My Valentine - Gertrude Stein
Blues Legends and Titles
A Flea in Her Ear - Poster
Rumi - from the Divani Shamsi Tabriz, 1.